Temporary Travel Office



Along with tours, the Temporary Travel Office frequently takes on solicited, and unsolicited, projects that reimagine the spaces of tourism. Such work takes the form of reports, architectural proposals, presentations, and other appropriate forms.


  • Becoming Movable

    Becoming Movable: A Motif-Rhythm Tour of Property

    Becoming Movable was commissioned by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 2013 as part of their "Artists Respond" series, in which artists create digital projects in response to an exhibit or object in the museum's collection. The Travel Office chose to focus on a fireplace mantel that originated in a historic home in a Chicago west side neighborhood--East Garfield Park. Becoming Movable is a virtual tour of that artifact, focusing on its how its existence tells a story about the creation of property and the uneven development of cities.
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  • Right to the Riparian City

    Right to the Riparian City

    On the east side of Cleveland, OH is an 8 mile urban waterway known as the Doan Brook. It drains a land mass over 11 square miles, including the cities of Cleveland, Shaker Heights & Cleveland Heights. The Riparian City of the Doan Brook Watershed proposes a performance of the watershed's boundary as both a political and ecological one, and invites both residents and visitors to imagine themselves as different kinds of citizens through a Temporary Embassy.
    The Temporary Embassy was hosted by Spaces' Cleveland Convention and Visitors Bureau.


  • Study in Migration

    A Study in Migration Through the Real, Desired & Recreated Geographies of Eight Employees, Champaign, IL

    A Study in Migration is a virtual tour in the form of a small exhibit at the iHotel Conference Center, that maps the experiences of eight employees.

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  • mMigration Research Center

    Proposal for the mMigration Research & Recreation Center, Champaign, IL

    The mMigration Research & Recreation Center is a proposed addition to the iHotel Conference Center.
    The mMigration Center will be a multi-use entertainment and educational facility serving the greater Champaign-Urbana area. Specifically, it will focus on narratives of migration and mobility in and through the region.

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  • Contaminating the Preserve

    Contaminating the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve

    The Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve is a 46,000 acre National Park established in 1988. The Preserve "unites private landowners, corporations, and city, state, and federal government agencies in the effort to preserve a portion of Northeast Florida’s natural and human heritage." It is named for the linguistic cultures that inhabited the area at the time of European contact. The Preserve includes "wilderness" areas, recreated monuments, interpretive centers and historic sites. The Travel Office's residency is an attempt to expand the boundaries of the preserve to include coincidental histories in both near and distant relative pasts.


  • Lofoten Emergency Tourism Kit

    Lofoten Emergency Tourism Kit

    TTO representative, Ryan Griffis attended the Transcultural Mapping (organized by the RIXC Center in Riga) workshop in Lofoten, Norway in June, 2004 and developed a proposal for Emergency Tourist Kits. The proposed kits would contain emergency ponchos printed with definitions of "Invasive Species" in Norwegian, hats with emergency nautical flags, postcards + more

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  • Postcards from Eutopia

    Postcards from Eutopia

    The first Travel Office was established at the Art & Design Gallery at Southwest Missouri State University as part of YOUgenics2.0. The Office provided a communication and information table for visitors tocontemplate the relationship between global mobility/transportation and the activities of the biotech industry. The goal was to get info flowing from gallery tourists to the representatives of biotech research and development, rather than from industry PR to consumers.

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