How to get the book in paper form

There are 2 ways of obtaining Stories in Reserve, Volume 1.

The book can be ordered for $10 + the cost of shipping ($5USD in the US, $15USD for international shipments) to help fund future volumes. Donations are accepted by PayPal. For other arrangements, please email us.

The book is also available in digital form for free. The download is a compressed zip file containing a PDF of the book and MP3s of the audio tours.
This is a 165MB file, so please be patient when downloading.

Downloadable version of the book

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A guide book featuring 3 artist-produced audio tours in North America presented with full-color maps and images.

The Tours :

Dentimundo : Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga

This walking tour of Tijuana finds one example of transnational commerce in a rather unexpected place–a dentist’s chair.

America Ponds : Sarah Kanouse

An audio intervention into the conventional knowledge of a Superfund-classified National Wildlife Refuge–“a place where our most romantic feelings about nature collide with the reality of near-total human engineering.”

Siting Expositions:Vancouver : Ryan Griffis, Lize Mogel & Sarah Ross

A walking tour of Vancouver’s False Creek, the site of massive development following two global mega-events—Expo 86 and the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Book Details:

36 full-color pages (5.5 in/14 cm square) with 3 audio compact discs. First Edition of 500.

The production of Stories in Reserve, Volume One was made possible in part through a Creative Research Award from the College of Fine & Applied Arts at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

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